It’s Okay To Be Old And Still Play Video Games


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Who’s buying these video games? Adults, of course. Not to mention the expensive hardware that’s needed to run them. Adults are the ones working the jobs and earning the money to be able to purchase games. True, many of them only do so once or twice a year, and even then only as a present for birthdays and/or Christmas. Anyone who’s ever worked on the retail end of the games industry can attest to the sheer volume of adults who only buy one game a year for someone else, remaining otherwise clueless about the technology and community.

But of those adults, many are also purchasing games for themselves. Even so, whether it’s for a gift or not, money goes back into the industry directly via the hands of grown ups. And while children do buy their own games, that money can always be linked back to a parent or someone who went out and earned it so they could perform the transaction.

On the surface, this doesn’t sound like a good argument for playing games as a grown-up. After all, adults control just about every economy and industry by purchasing the products that are part of it. So, aside from seeing their children happy when they open their presents, what’s in it for us adults? Well…

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