Orcs Must Die This Summer

We’re getting closer to knowing the date that the Orcs Must Die! That’s because Robot Entertainment commented today on the fact that their third-person action tower-defense hybrid will see a summer release. Its explosive traps will combust upon both the XBOX Live Arcade and PC sometime later this season. Originally, all that was known was a late August or early September release window.

Microsoft are at the helms for this one, handling the publishing rights. For that reason, the game will be playable at the Microsoft Lounge at this weekend’s Comic-Con. It’s going to be located at the Hard Rock Hotel close to the convention grounds.

At the convention, Robot Entertainment will be handing out a companion comic for the game. Though those who cannot attend should not worry about being left out of the party, as the studio has confirmed plans to release it for free. It’s also schedule for “later this summer”, at no charge, using digital formats.

The game has been teased for a little while now and looks like a lot of fun. I’m definitely looking forward to picking this one up.