Paragon Embraces Winter With Frosty New Hero Aurora, Available Now


The newest addition to Paragon‘s ever-growing roster of heroes has arrived today and you’ll want to wrap-up in as many layers as possible before you face the frosty fighter. Aurora is now playable on both the PlayStation 4 and PC versions of the MOBA’s ongoing open beta, offering all sorts of utility for any team lucky enough to count her as an ally rather than an enemy. Billed as a crowd control specialist, Aurora wields an azure blue sword in order to cleanly dispatch with any foe that finds itself in her way, and an icy repertoire of abilities to back her up should she need to carve a frostbiting path through large groups of minions.

Frozen Simulacrum, the first of Aurora’s basic abilities and the only one she starts with, allows her to leap in any direction as an escape or pursuit tactic and leaves a clone of herself behind in order to misdirect and distract enemies. Next up is Glacial Charge, one of the most stylish and visually impressive abilities we’ve seen Epic bestow on any hero so far. Conjuring a giant slope made of ice, Aurora rides it downward, dealing damage to any enemies in range as well as blocking any projectiles approaching from the front.

Follow that up with Hoarfrost – which conjures a ring of ice and roots enemies in place – and you’ll have the perfect setup for Cryoseism: Aurora’s ultimate ability. By sparking an enormous ice earthquake, all enemies caught in Aurora’s Cryoseism’s earth-cracking tremors will instantly be frozen solid and subsequently explode in a shower of hail. Nasty.

Aurora is just the latest in a long line of heroes to be added to Paragon over the last several months, and Epic plans to continue releasing one new fresh face every three weeks until it says otherwise. We’ve put a gallery showcasing the majority of them below for your viewing pleasure.