Xbox One Version Of Stick It To The Man Confirmed By PEGI


Sometimes the news of a video game release originates from an unlikely source. This is certainly the case with idiosyncratic adventure title Stick It to the Man, which the Pan European Game Information group revealed is being released on Microsoft’s Xbox One.

The Pan European Game Information group is essentially the European equivalent of the ESRB, the board that assigns age and content ratings for games in the United States. When searching for Stick It to the Man on PEGI’s official web site, one can see that the game is rated as suitable for ages 12 and up, featuring “[n]on realistic looking violence towards human characters” and “[m]ild bad language.” Since the game revolves around a main character who acquires telekinetic powers from a pink noodle-like object on his head, that sounds about right.

More notably, the site’s listing has the game being released for Xbox One on June 27th. Although that date has passed, it certainly shows that the title is headed to Microsoft’s next-gen console. The reveal of Stick It to the Man is not the first time PEGI has been the source of a pre-emptive reveal, either, as they have also revealed the Xbox One versions of Warframe and Peggle 2 prior to their official unveilings. Although the release dates on their site are not always accurate, the consoles of choice almost always are.

The PS3 version of Stick It to the Man received positive reviews from most of the gaming press, who praised it for its ingenious delivery of puzzles, humor and distinctive style. The Xbox One version will likely deliver much of the same, just with some added visual flair.

We’ll keep you posted when we hear more, but I’d definitely expect this one to arrive soon.

Source: Joystiq