Persona 5 Confirmed For North America, Expected To Hit PS4 And PS3 In 2015


During Sony’s ongoing PlayStation Experience event in Las Vegas, SCEA CEO Shawn Layden formally announced that Atlus’ much-anticipated JRPG sequel Persona 5 would indeed make its bow in North America “following the Japan release.”

Though there was nary a word of a release date or trailer, at least fans of the Megami Tensei series know for certain that the fifth numerical entry will make its way west eventually. Speaking of which, it’s unclear how long those in North America will have to wait following the title’s debut in Japan, but judging by Layden’s comments, it appears likely that that window of time will only be a couple of weeks or months at most.

Originally announced in the latter stages of 2013, Persona 5 was slated to release exclusively for PlayStation 3. But as time wore on, Atlus opted to bring the role-playing sequel to PS4 as well. Today’s announcement is the first update that the studio has provided in some time, and it’s exciting to learn more about the franchise’s anticipated bow on current-gen platforms.

As you can imagine, we don’t know much about the story of Persona 5. There’s no doubting that the latest installation will hone the ssummoningaspects of its forebearers, but the teaser images released thus far have hinted that the title could revolve around themes of enslavement and emancipation. But hey, given the prestigious reputation of the franchise, you can color us very excited indeed.

Atlus will summon Persona 5 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 first in Japan before the JRPG heads west. We’ll keep you right up to date with the status of the sequel as more information appears, but for now, let us know whether you’re looking forward to seeing the sequel in action down below.