The Last Of Us Will Be Playable When Halfway Downloaded


Sony and Naughty Dog’s upcoming survival game, The Last of Us, is currently on track for its June 14 release, available in both physical and digital versions. Now, an interesting tidbit for the digital version has been announced. In a recent interview with Game Informer, creative director Neil Druckmann revealed that PS3 owners who purchase the game digitally will be able to start the game when the download has only reached 50%, instead of waiting for the whole file to finish.

The interesting thing about this announcement is the fact that earlier announcements from Sony regarding the upcoming PlayStation 4 have confirmed that this will be a major default feature for the console. It would be interesting to see what programming tricks Naughty Dog had to pull to get this to work on the older PS3 hardware, but it’s all the more convenient for gamers everywhere that they were able to pull it off.

We will keep you updated on details regarding The Last of Us as more news drops.