[Update] PlayStation 3 Super Slim Redesign Announced, Launches Sept 25th

Sony announced their latest worst kept secret at Tokyo Game Show today, confirming that a new smaller redesigned PS3 – dubbed the PlayStation 3 Super Slim – will start to roll out to retailers early next week.

The PS3 Super Slim, which is approximately 20% smaller and 25% lighter than the current PS3 Slim, comes in multiple hard drive models and seems to be priced to compete directly with Nintendo’s upcoming Wii U.

In the U.S., a black 250GB PS3 model will launch on September 25th for $269.99 as part of a limited edition bundled together with Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deceoption: Game of the Year Edition, and a voucher for $30 of digital content for the free-to-player shooter Dust 514. Sony also confirmed that the 250GB PS3 will be sold as a standalone SKU for $249.99, however, the release date was not announced.

On October 30th a black 500GB PS3 model will launch in the U.S. bundled with Assassin’s Creed III. Pricing for this bundle was not announced, but a standalone 500GB PS3 SKU will launch the same day for $299.99.

In Japan the PS3 Super Slim will come in a 250GB and 500GB “Charcoal Black” model, and a “Classic White” model with a 250GB HDD. The black models will launch on October 4th, with the white model following on November 22nd. Both the 250GB versions will retail for 24,980 yen ($317 USD). Pricing for the 500GB model was not announced.

[Update] Sony’s official press release lists the 250GB model for 24,900 yen, and the 500GB model for 29,800 yen.

Europe will first get their hands on the 500GB PS3 Super Slim on September 28th, in a FIFA 13 bundle that will cost “around €299.99” ($391 USD). Shortly after that initial launch Sony will release a standalone “wallet-friendly” 12GB flash memory version of the new PS3 (which was first rumored to exist back in July) for “around €229.99” ($300 USD).

Owners of the 12GB model in Europe will have the option to connect a 2.5 inch SATA internal hard drive using an official Mounting Bracket, or they can buy an official PlayStation 250GB internal HDD. Pricing was not revealed for either additional storage option, and the 12GB model was only announced for Europe and Hong Kong.

As soon as Sony releases more details about the insanly staggered launch of the PlayStation 3 Super Slim, and the console itself, we will let you know. In the meantime, check out the systems official pictures in our gallery below.

Source: PlayStation Blog US, PlayStation Blog UK, Joystiq