Sony Announces PlayStation 5 Game Reveal Event For Next Week

God of War

Following on from numerous rumors suggesting as such, Sony has finally confirmed that a special PlayStation 5 live stream is due to take place next week.

As a digital-only affair (for obvious reasons), everyone is invited to get a front-row seat for the showcase either on Twitch or YouTube, where the entire show will be broadcast from official PlayStation channels. In what’s undoubtedly one of the most anticipated events on 2020’s gaming calendar, Sony’s announcement confirmed that the primary focus of this particular briefing will be the games you’ll be playing when the next-gen console launches later this year.

To prevent you from keeling over from excitement, however, it’s worth tempering expectations just a smidge. For starters, this is simply the first of many reveals scheduled throughout the year, with next week’s likely containing all of the information that Sony would have otherwise announced during E3.

As of writing, it’s also unclear just how extensive this particular ceremony will be and, for that matter, if the games being shown will be first-party or exclusively multi-platform. Should the former be given screen time, this could well be the staging ground for Spider-Man 2‘s official announcement as well as Santa Monica’s next project following God of War.

In terms of third-party, we know, thanks to a recent email sent out to Ambassadors, that Capcom is gearing up for something Resident Evil related, though the dates don’t quite match up. Whatever the case, we’ll be covering all of the big announcements coming out of the stream right here as and when they happen so you don’t miss a beat. Until then, be sure to let us know what PlayStation 5 game(s) you’re hoping to see in the usual place below!