Resident Evil 8 Reveal Date Reportedly Revealed


Capcom might finally deliver the official reveal of Resident Evil 8 that fans have been clamoring for next month.

The source of this prediction – as has frequently been the case before with other premature reveals concerning the franchise – comes via the developer’s Ambassador program and, more specifically, a certain email recently sent out to members. Whether or not it’s relevant, we don’t know, but it’s worth noting, nonetheless, that this particular message, as shown below, was only distributed to Gold-level Ambassadors and confirms the publisher’s intent to make an announcement next month, June 10th.

Is this a guarantee of Resident Evil 8 being formally announced in a few weeks? Not by a long shot, though it’s certainly the current frontrunner. The series’ eighth installment is heavily rumored to not only be in active development but aiming for an early 2021 release. Chris Redfield and Ethan Winters have repeatedly been name-dropped by independent sources as returning for the sequel, which is said to be set primarily somewhere in rural Europe.

With remakes of Resident Evil 4 and Code: Veronica both implied to be taking a backseat to the above, it’s unlikely that either will be the subject of June’s mystery showcase, though one very likely candidate could well be Resident Evil Resistance. The multiplayer mode included with all copies of Resident Evil 3 has continued to receive regular post-launch support and content, with new Masterminds and playable characters, including Jill Valentine and Nemesis, being just some of the iconic additions.

There is, of course, the unveiling of an entirely new project to consider, though assuming everything we’ve heard as of late to be true, we imagine Capcom already has its hands full with existing commitments. Think you know what’s coming? Sound off in the usual place below!