Leaked PlayStation 5 Weight Reveals It’s Much Heavier Than PlayStation 4

PlayStation 5

Love it or hate it, there’s no denying that PlayStation 5‘s unconventional shape stands out among a sea of otherwise relatively unremarkable products. The PS4’s slanted design represents about the most daring attempt at stylistic designs either Sony or Microsoft have made over the last three console generations, though not even the most open-minded individual could have prepared themselves for the former’s next-gen hardware.

Besides the obvious change in color, PS5’s asymmetrical design has been the butt of many a joke since its unveiling back in June, with internet memes aplenty making fun of its flared form. That’s saying nothing of the device’s size, either, with comparison images released recently revealing it to be a big box, indeed. And, as if it wasn’t already obvious, that bulk has resulted in PS5 being Sony’s heaviest console since the original PS3.

As revealed by Amazon Germany, the Xbox Series X’s direct competitor comes in at a whopping 4.78 kg or 10.54 lbs. If you’re wondering how that final tally compares with those that have come before, the base PS4 and PS3 models weigh 6.17 and 11.02 lbs, respectively. Not quite the bulkiest chunk of metal and plastic ever produced by the company, then, but not far off.

In regards to why Sony has decided to up the measurements, one major reason is overheating. It’s no secret that both the base and Pro PS4 models struggle to keep themselves cool when running technically demanding titles such as Horizon Zero Dawn or Final Fantasy VII‘s acclaimed remake, and this extra room should work wonders in keeping the noise pollution to a minimum.

As a home console, it ultimately matters little how much the PlayStation 5 (or Xbox Series X, for that matter) weighs, though you’ll certainly want to take those specifications into account when both finally arrive later this year in order to ensure you have enough real estate under your TV.