Sony Reveals PlayStation Plus Free Games For May 2021

Battlefield V

Sony has officially revealed the games scheduled to be free on PlayStation Plus over the next 30 days or so. Contrary to today’s earlier leak, Counterplay Games’ Godfall isn’t included in this round of giveaways, but there are definitely some noteworthy picks, so let’s dive in.

As always, the platform holder has chosen an eclectic mix of genres for all console owners, with the headline this month being Wreckfest: Drive Hard, Die Last. As has become standard since the launch of PS5 last year, Bugbear Entertainment’s tire-shredding racer is available only for the next-gen device with the remaining two able to be downloaded regardless of hardware options.

Speaking of which, DICE’s World War II shooter Battlefield V is second on the list and arguably just as worthy of top billing, boasting AAA-grade visuals and gorgeous recreations of various key battles during the conflict. Here, players will have the option of testing their trigger fingers against other human-controlled opponents or, when they’ve had their fill of competitive deathmatch, taking a timeout in War Stories – single-player content primarily intended for story lovers.

Last but certainly not least is Beam Team’s lesser-known Stranded Deep. Lost with no hope of rescue following a disastrous plane crash in the Pacific Ocean, survivors are tasked with utilizing their wits and scarce resources in order to reestablish contact with civilization.

All of the above will replace April’s freebies beginning next week, meaning you have just a few days to download Oddworld: Soulstorm, Days Gone and Zombie Army 4: Dead War before they revert to their usual asking prices on the PlayStation Store. As always, let us know which of May’s titles you’ll be shooting for first down below!