PlayStation Plus Games For December Include Invisible, Inc And Stories: The Path Of Destinies


Invisible, Inc. and Stories: The Path of Destinies are the two PlayStation 4 games up for grabs as part of the console’s PlayStation Plus offerings for December, Sony has confirmed. Seemingly opting to take the complete opposite direction to Microsoft in its monthly offering of free games, the spotlight is shining brightly on indie titles for the final month of the year. They may not be able to boast the possession of big budgets and state of the art visuals that triple-A games do, but both aforementioned titles are the cream of the crop as far as the independent scene is concerned.

Available from December 6 until early January, Invisible, Inc. is described as combining “turn-based strategy with the world of espionage. Use stealth, technology, and teamwork to break into the most dangerous corporations in the world, says Sony’s PlayStation Blog. If a slow-burn story of intrigue isn’t your thing, Stories: The Path of Destinies offers an alternative by way of its action RPG gameplay set within a vibrant world “where your choices will affect not only [protagonist] Reynardo’s fate, but the lives of those around him.”

So, that about wraps up the PlayStation 4 side of things, but what about the remaining suite of Sony’s consoles? Those on PlayStation 3 can look forward to playing 3D shooter Hyper Void as well as Tiny Troopers Joint Ops, a twin-stick arcade shooter by Kukouri Entertainment. Vita owners, meanwhile, get Color Guardians and puzzle game VVVVVV.

If you’ve yet to take advantage of last month‘s PlayStation Plus offerings, you have until December 5 to download them for free, as that’s when next month’s lineup rotates in. We recommend that you do so, too, as Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, The Deadly Tower of Monsters and Dirt 3 are all fantastic games worthy of your time.