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PlayStation Plus Members Get A Bonus Freebie This Month

Hitman developer IO Interactive has confirmed that anyone who downloads Hitman II through PlayStation Plus this month will get a freebie.


The slate of free games for September on Playstation Plus includes Overcooked: All You Can Eat, Hitman II, and Predator: Hunting Grounds and is now available on the platform, but Hitman developer IO Interactive has chosen to sweeten the deal by allowing players to play Hitman II via Hitman III with all its perks and benefits at no extra charge.

IO Interactive shared the news on Twitter, likely in hopes that players who download the free Hitman II will be inspired enough after playing through it to fork out the cash for the third game. It’s by no means a massive addition to the baseline offering of free Playstation Plus games for September, but it serves to make an otherwise middling slate of free games that much more enticing.


The free upgrade isn’t just a new hub from which to play Hitman II. It allows players to access many of Hitman III’s new features in the second game’s levels including enhanced graphics, improved AI, and a suite of new abilities for Agent 47 like hiding in foliage or grass and snapping pictures. Additionally, players will be able to carry their progress across all three games and their respective DLC, from Hitman III’s menu, making it the obvious choice for anyone looking to play beyond just the second game.

If you’re not currently signed up for Playstation Plus, it’s $60 for a one-year subscription which comes out to $5 each month. The service offers players the ability to play games online with their friends as well as a slate of three free games every month from the PS4 and PS5 libraries.