PlayStation Plus May Preview: Stick It To The Man, Puppeteer And More Are Free


Sony has released the full line-up for next month’s PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection.

As with each passing window, May’s offerings differ slightly across North America and Europe. However, the commonalities across both regions include Puppeteer and the quirky puzzle title Stick It To The Man for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, respectively.

Here’s a breakdown of the new additions across the three platforms:

Stick It To The Man (US & EU)

Puppeteer (US & EU)
Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 (US)
Skullgirl Encore (US)
Payday 2 (EU)

PS Vita:
Limbo (US)
Surge Deluxe (US)
Murasama Rebirth (EU)
Everybody’s Golf (EU)

At this time, Sony hasn’t revealed the exact dates as to when gamers can expect these titles to hit the PlayStation Store, though it’s understood that the company plans to offer more information each Monday in May.

In terms of the content itself, it seems as though those in the EU will gain access to the more enviable content next month — after all, North American users had access to Arkham City throughout April. In fact, we reviewed Payday 2 and Puppeteer favourably upon release last year, while also praising Stick It To The Man for its humorous take on the platforming genre.

Looking to Sony’s handheld, however, Vita owners will find a balance between the energy-driven puzzler, Surge Deluxe and Limbo, Playdead’s haunting and indeed touching journey into the unknown. Elsewhere, European gamers can also pick up Murasama Rebirth, the beautifully rendered port of Vanillaware’s Wii-exclusive RPG, Muramasa: The Demon Blade.

Come April 30th, though, it’s worth keeping in mind that a horde of existing content will exit the PlayStation Plus IGC to make space for these new additions, and those titles include Mercenary Kings, BioShock Infinite, Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 (EU) and MotoGP13.