Pokemon Go Welcomes New Pokemon Pichu, Togepi And More To Its Ranks In Latest Update


Well, we all knew they were coming, but now it’s official – Pokemon Go has today welcomed several new Pokemon to its ranks, giving Trainers a whole new reason to get out there and hunt for the new critters.

Hailing from the Johto Region first seen in Pokemon Gold and Silver, seven new ‘Mons are up for grabs, although it won’t just be as simple as finding them out in the wild. Each of the new Pokedex entries is classed as a juvenile version of their older, larger selves, so you’ll only be able to obtain them by stocking up on eggs found at PokeStops. In case you hadn’t heard, your best bet in filling those egg incubators quickly will be to visit your nearest Starbucks, which is currently running its own Poke-themed promotion.

From today, any egg hatched will now have a chance of revealing a brand new companion for you to fawn over, although they all belong to their own egg types, so you better start your post-Christmas exercise regimen early if you hope to catch them all. See below for the full list of new entries and which egg types you can find them in.

New Pokemon – Egg Types

  • Togepi – any 5km egg
  • Pichu – any 5km egg
  • Cleffa – any 2km egg
  • Igglybuff – any 2km egg
  • Elekid – any 10km egg
  • Magby – any 10km egg
  • Smoochum – any 10km egg

In addition to the above, Niantic’s included a special surprise for Pokemon Go players dedicated to the cause. From today until December 29, you’ll be able to find a limited edition Holiday Pikachu out in the wild, which, unlike its normal counterpart, comes wearing a festive hat. Besides the aesthetic difference, this version of the iconic yellow mouse is exactly the same as the normal version, although if you evolve it into Raichu, it will, in fact, retain its attachment to the new attire, so the completionists among you will no doubt want to nab yourself two of them.

It may not be the arrival of the long-awaited trading and battling systems fans have been asking for since the game’s launch earlier this year, but it’s nice, nonetheless, to see Niantic continue to support the popular mobile game. The developer says more new Pokemon will be released over the next few months, too, so keep on hoarding those Pokeballs!