Pokemon Go Leak Points To Promotional Collaboration Event With Starbucks


Just when you thought this year’s Pokecraze couldn’t go any higher, it looks like Pokemon Go developer Niantic is teaming up with coffee chain Starbucks for a new promotional event. Rumors concerning such a partnership have been circulating ever since the mobile game launched earlier this year, but it appears today that those suspicions are about to become reality.

According to a note previously sent out to employees of the company (via Reddit), the collaboration is due to coincide with an update to the game on Thursday, December 8. The notice states that “the world of Pokemon GO is about to expand with new Pokemon and a new Starbucks beverage!”


With data miners having recently uncovered evidence suggesting that Niantic plans to introduce the entirety of the Johto region’s Pokedex, that and the update mentioned in the confidential note could well be one and the same. Assuming the leak is accurate – and let’s be honest, it looks pretty genuine – come December 8, all participating Starbucks stores will be converted into PokeStops or Gyms, giving players an extra incentive to pay the chain a visit.

The most recent update released for the game finally introduced the elusive Ditto, which had, until now, been unavailable in the augmented reality title. Niantic and Nintendo have also stated in the past that some form of interactivity between Pokemon Go and recent 3DS games Pokemon Sun and Moon is in the works, although what that entails remains to be seen.

Both Starbucks and Niantic have yet to officially announce the promotion, but we’ll be keeping an eye out for any developments, so stay tuned.