Pokémon Go Adds Mewtwo To EX Raids Tomorrow

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Think you’ve bested every challenge that Pokémon Go has to offer? Think again, as the mobile game’s hard-as-nails endgame experience is due to begin anew very soon.

Starting tomorrow, September 25th, battle-hardened Trainers will once more be in with the chance to participate in a limited-time EX Raid against one of Pokémon most fearsome legendary creatures – Mewtwo. The Genetic Pokémon, a result of humans attempting to clone mythical ‘Mon Mew, was the first to appear in EX Raids and, this time around, will have access to a move – Shadow Ball – that it’s normally unable to learn.

Is that special attribute worth all the effort? As any seasoned Pokéfan worth their salt could tell you, yes, very much so. As a Ghost-type attack, Mewtwo having access to Shadow Ball effectively eliminates its weakness to Pokémon of the same type and provides him with an offensive option against the likes of Gengar and the recently reintroduced Giratina. Before you can even go about challenging the beast, however, you’ll need to obtain an EX Raid Pass.

What is an EX Raid Pass and how do I get one?

EX Raids, like their ordinary counterpart, are often the most reliable and efficient method of capturing legendary Pokémon. Both require special ‘Passes’ to enter and compete in a Gym’s current Raid battle but the means of finding each is different. Normal Raid Passes can be found simply by visiting PokéStops or completing quests. The EX variant, on the other hand, is obtained only by successfully completing Raid Battles at qualifying Gyms.

Should you manage to secure an entry ticket, examining the item in your inventory will reveal the date and time of an EX Raid. Turn up at the specified location in a punctual manner and Mewtwo should be ready and waiting to fight.

Good luck! Oh, and if you want to avoid being turned into a paste, I’d suggest taking a few friends along for the ride.