New Pokémon Sword And Shield DLC Reveals Coming This Week

Pokémon Sword And Shield

Eager to learn more about Pokémon Sword and Shield‘s first big DLC update? You’re in luck.

Earlier today, developer Game Freak confirmed via Twitter that a special broadcast diving deeper into the meat and bones of what  The Isle of Armor and Crown Tundra has to offer will drop tomorrow, June 2nd at 9 am EST/2 pm BST. While the statement doesn’t specify on which platforms the footage will be uploaded, it’s relatively safe to assume that, at the very least, the Pokémon YouTube channel will be hosting the reveal.

As for what Trainers are likely to catch a glimpse of in the briefing, who knows, though I’m willing to go out on a limb and make the bold assumption that more new Pokémon and environments will be par for the course. As of writing, we’ve seen but a handful of the exotic, never before seen ‘Mons that call the islands surrounding Galar their home, including the evolved forms of Galarian Slowpoke and completely reimagined versions of the OG Legendary Bird trio.

Chances are high, too, that Game Freak will take this opportunity to confirm a release date for at least one of the expansions. The Isle of Armor was given a June ETA way back in February, so delays aside, it’s only a few weeks out at most. With Sword and Shield players currently enjoying a special in-game event in the build-up to launch, the most likely candidates are either June 23rd or the 30th.

Pokémon Sword and Shield are out now for Nintendo Switch and have sold in excess of 16 million copies since November last year, making them some of the most successful entries to date. Already have a wish list of what you want to see showcased tomorrow? Sound off in the usual place below!