Possible Star Wars Battlefront II Screens And Gameplay Leaked Ahead Of E3

The world is just a few weeks out from getting its first official look at Star Wars Battlefront II gameplay, but it seems like a few tidbits may have leaked ahead of time. A lone image, along with a seconds-long video, have surfaced online, showing what’s puported to be the sequel’s in-game menu and single-player campaign respectively. The image, which you can find above, features what appears to be a Clone Trooper standing in the character loadout screen, with tabs on the left hand side making mention of four different classes: Assault Trooper, Heavy Trooper, Officer and Specialist.

While the image looks noticeably barebones, the original Battlefront favoured a similarly minimalist approach, so the consistency in design is certainly there. Some users on Reddit aren’t convinced about the image’s legitimacy, however, with a few of them pointing out that the Trooper on show looks out of place, possibly pointing to it being a fake or from an early build of the title.

Moving on to the aforementioned gameplay leak, the brief video comes by way of Relevant Gaming and appears to show an Imperial Officer in battle with Rebel soldiers. Judging by the surrounding environment, it looks like this particular segment takes place aboard a Rebel Cruiser, so if the footage is genuine, it could well have been lifted from Star Wars Battlefront II‘s single-player mode. We already know that the sequel’s campaign will play out through the eyes of Imperial soldier Iden Versio, and the same black armor she’s been shown to wear in previous trailers appears to be the same set used in the leak.

But alas, regardless of how convincing this all looks, there’s no way of knowing if any of it is genuine without official confirmation from EA itself, which is unlikely to happen. We’ll just have to wait until E3 to find out for sure, but in the meantime, let us know in the comments section below what you make of all this.

Source: Screen Rant