How To Prepare For New Game+ In Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village

So you’ve defeated Mother Miranda and her four children, rescued Rose and seen Resident Evil Village through to its satisfying end. Now what?

Predictably, there are multiple answers to that question, but for those intending to take on the sequel’s tough-as-nails Village of Shadows difficulty – unlocked only after beating the campaign at least once – there’s some prep work worth doing to make a second playthrough that little bit easier. First and foremost, you’ll want to visit the CP shop. Unlike the Duke’s emporium, this storefront sells goods only purchasable with Challenge Points, a currency that is awarded by completing various activities.

Many of these, such as infinite ammo and bonus weapons, can make Village of Shadows a much less frustrating affair but also require a bit of legwork to obtain. The LZ Answerer, for example, can only be acquired with CP after achieving SS Rank on every Mercenaries stage, while the former stipulates that the firearm it’s being bought for must be fully kitted out (includes stat boosts and attachments) first.

That being the case, we’d recommend replaying the story on either Normal or Hardcore mode in order to accrue more funds to pimp out Ethan’s arsenal, with the ultimate aim to get infinite ammo for the Wolfsbane magnum. Alternatively, you could go for the aforementioned Answerer, though doing so is a challenge in itself.

Whichever method you choose, everything earned (minus key items) is retained for future playthroughs, so feel free to tip the scales in your favor as much as possible. You’ll need a sizable amount of dough to upgrade all of what Resident Evil Village has to offer, of course, and you can see here for WGTC’s guide on how to find the most valuable treasures. Good luck!