How To Get The Secret Beneviento Treasure In Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village

Unlike the lands that Resident Evil Village‘s other three lords call home, Donna Beneviento’s isolated mansion contains not a single treasure for Ethan Winters to pillage. The reason for this, we suspect, is simply that Capcom desired that players focus entirely on immersing themselves in the building’s creepy atmosphere, though fear not – there’s still plunder aplenty to be found in the estate’s surrounding grounds.

In order to access these buried and forgotten heirlooms, however, you’ll first need to escape Donna’s nightmare workshop and then deal with her deranged alter ego manifested in the form of a ventriloquist doll named Angie. Once the duo has been dealt with, several previously blocked side areas will now be open. Search these (don’t forget to grab the Sun and Moon ball from a nearby gravestone for the labyrinth puzzle) gardens and then return to the central village area.

In the graveyard here, a small mausoleum you’ll have no doubt noted as locked before will now be open, yielding a headstone fragment. This can be returned to its rightful resting place at the decorated tomb just outside the elevator leading to Donna’s mansion, but beware – doing so will trigger a mini-boss fight.

You’ve two options here. Either return the headstone, take the treasure and run, or kill the axe-wielding giant and its reinforcements so you can loot in peace. It’s worth pointing out that if you opt for the latter, the monster will drop an additional item worth a considerable amount of cash, though won’t go down without a fight.

Whatever you ultimately choose, return to Resident Evil Village‘s rotund merchant to fence your goods and upgrade your Lycan-killing arsenal even further. Safe travels!