Prey 2 E3 Trailer Features Live Action Alien Bounty Hunting

Bethesda has debuted their E3 trailer for Human Head’s first-person shooter sequel, Prey 2. Instead of continuing on with the CG design they used for the game’s previous trailers, they decided to go the live action route this time around.

The footage picks up from where its debut trailer left off, showing our main character Killian Samuels, as he sits on a plane in the midst of wreckage on the planet of Exodus. It’s very similar to what the publisher showed at its pre-E3 event back in April, at a location in Utah. Except that footage wasn’t live action.

Check out the trailer below, as it does a good job of showing off the game’s (self-proclaimed) alien-noir premise and its parkour elements. It really sells itself well as a cool alien bounty hunting game, with western influences.

Look for Prey 2 on store shelves in 2012.

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