Prey 2 May Have Been Quietly Cancelled

The worst part of this job is that you sometimes have to be the bearer of bad news (the utter lack of video-game-journalist-groupies is a close second) and I really was trying to hold off on this one until I knew more about what was happening. Sadly, it seems that Prey 2 may have been canceled quietly, which is an absolute shame considering how well the title had reportedly been doing in production. The signs have been on the wall for a bit, so it’s not a complete surprise. Bethesda cancelled a scheduled presentation at the Game Developers Conference a few weeks ago, which was to be conducted by developer Human Head. The game’s Facebook page also hasn’t been updated since December.

However, the most damning thing is the silence that is accompanying the news. When recent rumors of Doom 4’s cancellation made their way onto the Internet, Bethesda was quick to refute the charges. Game Informer was only able to get a generic, “no comment,” response when they asked, which hardly bodes well for fans of the original Prey.

At this point, all we can do is sit and wait. It would be a shame if this news ends up being true, however I’m afraid we’ll have to take silence in the upcoming weeks as confirmation.

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