Primal Carnage Misses The Mark With Its First DLC

It’s no secret that I really enjoy Primal Carnage even though the core gameplay is fundamentally flawed. While team deathmatch doesn’t really work with asymmetrical teams, the idea of running around as a dinosaur biting people in half is enough to make my inner five year old squee with joy. When I heard that Reverb Games was releasing some DLC for the game, I was really hoping that they finally were able to squeeze in the objective based game modes that could easily take this from a “good” game to a “great” game. Instead of that, I’ve been gifted the ability to make my dinosaurs different colors.

While the new skins are nifty, as well as cheap, it’s a far cry from what the game needs in order to find prolonged success on the market place. $1.99 for some new color pallets isn’t a bad deal; it’s just not going to be enough to keep interest.

But, I guess I need to look on the bright side. It’s not like the developers are now phoning it in and adding achievements to the game without bothering to take two minutes to make sure that they actually came up with names for them. What’s that? Oh… Reverb Games, you may want fix what’s broken before fixing what isn’t.

Check out the gallery below to get a gander at the new skins as well as Reverb’s little blunder.


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