Free PlayStation Plus Games That We May Get For August

Image via Playstation

Depending on your own personal gaming preferences, premium services such as PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live Gold are either worth every penny or are often hit and miss when it comes to the additional perks they offer on a regular basis.

Exclusive discounts and free games are, of course, the two biggest accompaniments intended to incentivize continued subscription to either online environment, the latter of which has been on the receiving end of some harsh criticism as of late. The dissatisfaction, it seems, stems from a perceived lack of care when it comes time for platform holders to choose which titles are being given away each month, and while Sony generally appears to be the better of the two in that regard, the presence of NBA 2K20 this month hasn’t exactly filled social media with delighted fans.

That being the case, then, what games could Sony opt to dole out next month that would guarantee a rise in subscription numbers? Well, there are the obvious picks such as Santa Monica Studio’s acclaimed God of War soft reboot and Guerilla Games’ open-world epic that is Horizon Zero Dawn, though given how notoriously reserved Sony has been in the past with offering first-party content for nothing, both of those mentioned seem like wishful thinking, especially as the former was only recently included in a previous month.

As for third-party, well, there’s an almost bottomless bag of options to choose from. In an effort to renew interest in its latest creation, we wouldn’t be surprised to see Remedy’s Control show up sooner or later, accompanied by yet another appearance from the reliably popular Assassin’s Creed or Call of Duty franchises. Meanwhile, GameRant points to first-person shooter Blood & Truth and atmospheric horror game Little Nightmares being strong contenders as well.

Does that sound like your cup of tea though, or have you already got something specific in mind? If so, let us know which games you’d like to see headline next month’s PlayStation Plus titles in the usual place below!