PS4 Disables Share Play For Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare


Activision has clarified that much like last year’s Ghosts, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare won’t be compatible with the recently released Share Play feature on PlayStation 4.

When trying to activate the novel feature, one which allows users to pass on control of the game to another PlayStation Plus subscriber remotely, players were met with an error message (above) confirming that the play session couldn’t be shared. Following this, Sony confirmed that, while the company encourages studios to take full advantage of Share Play, developers ultimately have the final say as to whether they wish to implement it into their game.

And for Activision and Sledgehammer Games, the reasoning behind their decision came down to the fact that neither party has had enough time to test out the PlayStation 4 feature in earnest. Speaking to Eurogamer, here’s what Activision had to say on the matter:

“Delivering a great gaming experience for fans is our top priority,” a spokesperson said. “We’re focused on launching Advanced Warfare and ensuring that people have a great time playing it, which our fans seem to be. Share Play is a new feature that was introduced as part of the recent PS4 firmware 2.00 update.

“Our engineers didn’t have access to it before it launched, so we haven’t had a chance to evaluate it to see how it will impact the experience across all modes of play. Of course we wouldn’t include a feature in our game without having the chance to test it. Once we’ve fully analysed its performance, we’ll determine how to support it going forward.”

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is available now across PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC. For more on Sledgehammer’s maiden entry into the franchise, you can check out our glowing review.

Source: Eurogamer