The PS4 PlayStation App Is Out Now On Android And iOS

sony playstation app

As promised, the PlayStation App released today across North America for both Android and iOS devices. Users will still have to wait for the PlayStation 4 launch on November 15th to unlock much of the apps’ features but there is still a decent amount of soon-to-be last-gen functionality that can be had right now.

After booting up the PlayStation App (which took me three attempts on the iOS version, due to connection errors) and logging in with your PSN ID, the app will let you perform tasks such as: managing your friends list, check trophies, view profiles, send messages, browse the PS Store (which boots up in Safari), and clicking through various PlayStation-related links.

Even in its current limited state, the free PlayStation App seems to be a nice companion to the PS3 and PS Vita — if nothing else, it makes the PS Store easier to navigate, and that is always a bonus. I expect that its usefulness will only improve once the PlayStation 4 launches, and it would not be surprising to see additional features added over time.