The Playstation 4 Will Likely Launch In 2012

According to Digitimes, a Taiwanese manufacturing company claims that Foxconn and Pegatron, the companies who manufactured the PS3, are set to begin the process of building the Playstation 4. The site also states that the PS4 will have controller-less interfaces similar to Microsoft’s Kinect. According to sources, Sony will roll the PS4 out in 2012 with 20 million units available at launch.

This release would go completely against Sony’s highly publicized 10 year life cycle of their consoles, which is why some still doubt the validity of all the recent PS4 rumors.

In addition, Sony has on numerous occasions, stated that they were not worried about the Kinect and Wii U. If that’s true though, why is the Playstation 4 being rushed out for next year?

If this Playstation 4 rumor happens to be true, you can bet we will know about it by E3 2012; where Microsoft is rumored to make the announcement of their next console as well.

Sony has yet to comment on this speculation.