Sony Announces New Date For PS5 Reveal Event

God of War

Originally scheduled for last Thursday, Sony’s PlayStation 5 reveal was postponed due to ongoing protests following the death of George Floyd. However, a Twitch ad that went live today has revealed that the new date for the reveal stream will be Thursday, June 11th at 1pmPT/4pmET. Sony is expected to publicly announce the updated information later today or tomorrow.

The reveal stream will be the most substantial information drop we’ll have seen about the PS5 yet, as Sony has remained fairly tight-lipped about their upcoming console. So far, we’ve only gotten a glimpse at the new DualSense controller and heard some stuff from Mark Cerny about the benefits the new system will offer developers, so eager fans have been impatiently waiting for Sony to finally make a move.

While Microsoft has been a bit more open and offered a look at some of what to expect from next-gen, their first game reveal stream led to a lot of backlash due to showing very little of the promised gameplay. And while they revealed the Xbox Series X at the Game Awards last December and have kept a constant stream of information flowing, it’s done little to detract from the immense amount of hype surrounding Sony’s new hardware.

No one knows for sure yet whether Sony will go so far as to reveal the actual design of the PS5, but this first look into the console’s future is expected to finally showcase plenty of cool stuff about some of the games we’ll all be digging into later this year.

Stay tuned for more information on the PlayStation 5 as it starts trickling in this Thursday. We’ll be sure to bring you all the latest updates as and when they arise.