God Of War 2 Will Reportedly Be Announced In August, To Release In 2021

Image via Playstation

A YouTuber going by the name of Moore’s Laws is Dead says that Sony is planning to hold an as-of-yet unannounced State of Play event sometime in August. And during this event, the YouTuber says, the company will reveal the existence of a sequel to 2018’s God of War, which will reportedly release next year.

God of War is one of Sony’s oldest and best-selling franchises. The first entry in the series, released in 2005 for the PlayStation 2, was a major hit with audiences and critics alike. Not only did the game push the limitations of the console – a practice which the series would be known for henceforth – but it also had a killer story to boot.

That story centers on the character of Kratos. A former Spartan general, Kratos sold his soul to Ares. When the God of War tricked him into murdering his own family, Kratos swore revenge, an oath which would eventually compel him to take down every bird, beast and, of course, god residing on Mount Olympus.


The original trilogy ended in 2010 with the release of God of War 3, which saw Kratos’ vengeance come to fruition when he killed Zeus. For years, the series was thought to be over. As such, when Sony’s Santa Monica Studio finally revealed they had been working on a reboot at E3 2016, fans were overjoyed by the news as well as impressed by the radical changes that the developer had made to their series.

Whereas the first three games were set in Ancient Greece, this new chapter in Kratos’ story took place in Scandinavia and saw him face off against the same Norse Gods most of us have come to known through the Marvel films. As the last God of War game had an open ending, fans have rightfully been expecting a sequel. Whether it will come as soon as this YouTuber claims it will, however, remains to be seen.

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