Psychonauts Announced For PSN’s PS2 Classics, Releases Tuesday

Double Fine announced this morning that their 2005 PlayStation 2 title Psychonauts will be released as a PS2 Classic on the PlayStation Store next Tuesday, August 28th. A price was not mentioned, but who cares?!?! This is Psychonauts we are talking about, for crying out loud!

For those of you who missed out on this gem over the years (and shame on you, by the way) the game follows the story of a gifted young psychic cadet named Raz, who must use his abilities to jump into the minds of others and stop a sinister conspiracy at a psychic summer camp.

Sound strange? It is, but it’s also an extremely fun and hilarious game. If you have never played it, I highly suggest that you download it off PSN next week.

The bad news here is that this is only a PS2 Classics release. That means the game is not upgraded to HD and there are no extras, like Trophy support. Which is a real disappointment, because if there was ever a last-gen game that deserved an HD remake, it’s Psychonauts.

Back in June 2011 Double Fine gained full publishing control over Psychonauts, so hopefully we will see more of the IP going forward. Maybe even, fingers crossed, Psychonauts 2.

Better not say any more, I don’t want to jinx it!

Source: PlayStation Blog