How To Put Out The Fire In Resident Evil 3 Remake

Resident Evil 3

Owing to its status as a more action-oriented affair, puzzles aren’t as prominent in Resident Evil 3 compared to its predecessor.

With that said, rarely will Jill Valentine’s progress through the ruined Raccoon City be as simple as going from point A to B, so you’ll want to be thorough when combing your surroundings. The habit will come naturally to any veterans of the series well versed in the survival horror formula, of course, but even the most eagle-eyed players can miss seemingly obvious key items, especially when they’re being hounded by Nemesis every step of the way.

That couldn’t be more true for the all-important fire hose which, as the name suggests, is necessary in order to quench the flames blocking Jill’s path to Raccoon’s outskirts and rebooting the substation.

Chances are, you’ll encounter the burning alleyway within minutes of Resident Evil 3‘s action-packed opening, but you’ll need to head into the zombie-infested Downtown area in order to secure the hose. For the simplest, most efficient route, you’ll want to head over to Moon’s Donuts (be sure to make use of the save room inside) and make your way through the restaurant. On the wither side, you’ll be presented with multiple different directions but for now, just focus on the Kite Bros. building.

Dispatch the lone zombie wandering down the corridor inside and take your first right. There, sprawled across the floor you’ll find the fire hose. Simply return to the blaze and interact with the nearby fire hydrant to eliminate the hazard and continue on. Besides granting access to the critical path, you’ll now be able to locate the all-important bolt cutters, too, so if you’re in need of some extra supplies and even a weapon upgrade for the shotgun, see here for further details on where to find the tool.