Where To Find The Red, Blue And Green Jewels In Resident Evil 3 Remake

Resident Evil 3

Resident Evil 3 might be a more action-oriented affair compared to its predecessor, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be able to escape Raccoon City without utilizing some all-important grey matter.

Once you’ve completed the remake’s prologue and reached the subway, your first task (given by the affable Carlos Oliveira) will be to restore the transport network’s power as a means of escape. That main objective is surprisingly straightforward, though you’ll want to take a detour off the beaten path upon emerging from the underground to score yourself some important bonus items. In order to earn said loot, you’ll need to locate three key items scattered throughout the starting Downtown area and return them to their rightful resting place.

Continue through the break below for tips on how to find the red, blue and green jewels.

Red Jewel

The easiest and most simple to obtain: you’ll find the red jewel in Moon’s Donuts. Head inside the restaurant and out back to the kitchen area. Inside you’ll find a typewriter to save your progress as well as a beautifully decorated box. Smash that sucker open to get jewel #1.

Blue Jewel

This gem is inside the convenience store right as you head into the Downtown area, though you’ll need a pair of bolt cutters to break the door’s lock. To get that all-important tool, head on over to Kite Bros. Railways and pick up the fire hose. Quench the flames blocking your route to the substation and head into the save room to get them. Head back to the convenience store, crack the lock and grab the gem.

Green Jewel

Once you’ve obtained the lockpick from the substation (you’ll have to do this as part of the main objective), head back to the Downtown toy store and have Jill exercise her skills as the master of lockpicking. Inside the store, you’ll find another box housing the green jewel.

Take all three back to the Kite Bros. memorial in the subway and insert them into the mural for several neat rewards, including a tactical stock for the shotgun. For more Resident Evil 3 guides, including how to deal with the first Nemesis boss encounter, see here.