New PvP Arenas And Undead Match Headed To Dark Souls III This Month

Despite having built a reputation for itself as a no-nonsense RPG series featuring a tough-as-nails single-player gauntlet full of grotesque monstrosities to fight and conquer, the longevity and high potential for replays of From Software’s Dark Souls series has often been attributed to its unique PvP features. Dark Souls III is no different in that regard, and if you’re enjoying the beauty of Lothric and its surrounding lands even now, almost a year after release, I’m willing to bet a great deal of that enjoyment has come from playing with or against other people.

The release last year of the title’s first DLC – Ashes of Ariandel – introduced a new arena feature for those looking for nothing else but a good fight, and while it proved to be a hit with fans, the lack of different arenas and the ability to enter duels with friends was mildly disappointing. Thankfully, however, both of those misgivings are going to be rectified shortly, as two new arenas and an additional matchmaking option allowing you and a group of friends to team-up are on the cards for release before the end of March, publisher Bandai Namco has announced.

Dragon Ruins and Grand Roof are the names of the two new arenas, both of which appear to based on the existing Archdragon Peak and Grand Archives locations found in the campaign, and will be available to all Season Pass holders on March 24. Following that, Undead Match will be available on March 28, the same day that Dark Souls III‘s final slice of DLC – The Ringed City – is due to release.

If you missed the trailer for From Software’s final send-off for the series, check it out below.

Source: VG247