Quake Reboot Reportedly In Development, Will Feature Female Protagonist


While fans of id Software’s historic Doom franchise have been spoiled over the last few years – first with a critically acclaimed reboot and then an equally well-received sequel – another of the developer’s famed IPs has completely disappeared from view. While similar in narrative genre and gameplay, Quake has never quite managed to attract the same level of attention as its closely related sibling, naturally leading to a certain degree of neglect. Indeed, not since 2005 has a numbered entry in the series been released, with the most recent being Quake Champions, an online-only spinoff debuted in 2017.

According to comments made by XboxEra Podcast co-host Nick Baker, however, those fortunes could soon be turning around. The untitled project is reportedly being handled directly by id, with Wolfenstein alumni MachineGames on board to provide extra pairs of hands and resources.


Perhaps the most interesting (and unconfirmed) revelation of all, however, is the claim that Quake‘s long-awaited return to form will be fronted by a female protagonist and features both a single and multiplayer component, the first installment to do so in over a decade.

While much of that detailed above is believable, it goes without saying that ample reserves of salt should be kept at hand. While it by no means disproves the credibility of Baker’s source, id Software, as a subsidiary of Bethesda, would have almost certainly debuted any new Quake title during parent company Microsoft’s E3 press conference, but that absence could easily be explained away as the project not being ready to show.

Another possibility is this year’s digital QuakeCon convention, which takes place from August 19th to the 21st. We’ll be keeping our fingers and toes crossed for an official announcement there, so stay tuned!

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