10 Gaming Moments That Left Us Devastated


These days it seems that most people have a pretty complex relationship with modern video games. With massive titles getting more expansive and entertaining than ever, outsiders may be forgiven for expecting that gaming is a simple, carefree pursuit.

But there’s much more to it than simple escapology or enjoyment, and gaming can present a truly gruelling challenge amongst all the thrills. This competitive edge allows for an hour or two with a favourite console or device to become more fulfilling than ever, and conquering the tasks set out by a new game will give players an impressive sense of achievement.

As with all challenging or competitive pursuits, however, there’s also the large potential for the opposite to become true; modern video games are hotbeds in which frustration and disappointment can flourish. With that in mind, we’ve taken a look back through some recent gaming moments that have no doubt crushed the enjoyment of even the most casual player – the moments that make gamers feel worse than experiencing the infamous Red Ring of Death.

Join us as we countdown ten such devastating experiences…