10 Games Coming Out In 2014 That Probably Aren’t On Your Radar, But Should Be



Destiny! Watch Dogs! Titanfall! That new Alien game! There’s a whole bunch of next-gen wonderment heading our way this year and we’re all very excited. And why shouldn’t we be? Gaming blockbusters, whether you like it or not, are currently the backbone of the industry and are enjoyed by millions of people worldwide for a good reason. But what of those underdogs? The ones without the million dollar marketing budgets with which to shovel their adverts into your eye sockets. Or those fantastic hidden gems that you discovered completely by accident whilst idly cruising around Steam.

It’s the very surprise of these games that often makes them the most fun. It’s the curious new approaches that developers take to solve problems that the money they don’t have could. There’s always exceptions to the rules of course, and sometimes a game with no marketing run-up might simply mean it’s the shambolic denim-wearing simulator Ride To Hell: Retribution, but we’ll pray that isn’t the case for these titles.

Here, then, are a bunch of games you may or may not want to get excited about, but at least when you’re finished reading this you’ll know that they exist.

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