Quests And Bounties Set To Get Major Overhaul With Destiny’s The Taken King Expansion


Along with the expected batch of new content and weaponry, Bungie is also targeting an overhaul to Destiny‘s quest system via September’s The Taken King expansion, not to mention increasing the number of bounties a Guardian can carry at any given time.

Luke Smith, acting as Creative Director on The Taken King, detailed some of these improvements in question. In terms of quests, those changes will materialize  in the form of an all-new tab in the player’s menu, where Guardians can can a watchful eye over their quests and active bounties – which will also have their maximum capacity bumped from 10 to 16.

Since launch, bounties tethered to exotic weapons have proved to be fan favorites, as they “took you on a journey through multiple activities — which in the best cases had flashes of unique moments — and ended with rewards players cared about. We want Destiny to provide more experiences like that,” according to Smith.

Quest and bounties aren’t the only section of Destiny primed for fine-tuning, however, with Smith aiming to target “guns, Balance, Progression, Destinations, Enemies…we’ll unpack everything a hardcore player like you would want to know before launch.” Expect much more about The Taken King and how it will improve the overall Destiny experience in the coming weeks.

The Taken King will introduce Oryx and his legions of mutated minions when the expansion launches for Destiny players on September 15. That date will also herald the arrival of the rather eye-catching special edition PlayStation 4, which comes emblazoned with artwork inspired by the shooter.

Source: Bungie