These Ramped Up Resident Evil 2 Facial Animations Are Pure Nightmare Fuel


By now, I’m sure you’ve had your chance to admire a wide variety of mods applied to the massively popular Resident Evil 2 remake. In my view, each serve their own purpose. While some may appeal to the nostalgia of series veterans by importing costumes and models from The Darkside Chronicles, others can make us laugh our asses off by either placing Mr. X in “Beachboy” attire or swapping him out for Thomas the Tank Engine.

This time, though, someone has applied their talent so that gamers everywhere may have nightmares for reasons other than what Resident Evil titles may normally cause. In this case, YouTuber DP023 has ramped up facial animations to 500% – and sometimes 1000% – in order to provide some entertainment that we didn’t know we needed, yet are oddly grateful for.

The first exhibit puts a new perspective on the scene showing Leon opening up the secret passage beneath the Police Station’s Main Hall. While conversing with Marvin, the rookie cop looks like something right out of an “ermahgerd” meme, and his co-worker appears as though the T-Virus has had some really negative effects on his countenance. I shudder to say it, but it may be for the best he became a zombie not long after this.

Next up, we revisit the player’s first hint at Mr. X’s presence, specifically when he reaches through a wall in order to crush Ben’s head. But in this instance, not only does the whistle-blower look like he’s seen better days, but he completely vanishes after his noggin goes pop.

Truth be told, this third video is probably my favorite because Leon makes out with a chick who looks like she just watched the videotape from The Ring. Really, I normally think of Ada as being rather attractive, but you’ll just have to see it for yourself. Just be sure to stick around for schizophrenic Leon at the end because that actually made me laugh out loud.

Finally, Resident Evil 2‘s opening scene gets gradually revved up to 1000% facial animation, as the truck driver somehow manages to consume a burger without it falling out of his mouth. But if one recommendation can be given, it’s to not watch this video while you are eating.

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