ReAgent Wish You A Merry Christmas With Crackdown 3 Concept Art

Crackdown 3 postcard

With the third instalment of the Crackdown series due for release in mid 2016, ReAgent Games are wishing fans a Merry Christmas with concept art from Crackdown 3. In a holiday-themed postcard at the game’s official site, fans can check out a selection of new shots from the title’s early development phases by clicking the glowing orbs on a Christmas tree.

You can see some of the images in the gallery below, or check out the holiday postcard here to get a look at all of them. Some are teases of the most obscure details and items, but it’s still enough to give fans of the series a morsel or two of content to dissect over the festive period.

The game is set to feature more of the readily destructible sandbox environments that made the first two titles such a thrill to play, and these new areas certainly look like they’ll make for an excellent playground to cause some mayhem in.

Crackdown 3 is currently set for release in Spring or Summer 2016, and as always, we’ll be sure to bring you more news on the game when we get it!