Get Reggie For A 3DS-Centric Nintendo Direct Tomorrow

Screenshot 2013-11-12 at 2.01.09 PM

Nintendo Direct! Those things are the best. I’m obviously a Nintendo fan at heart, but that doesn’t change the fact that Big N’s hilarious and informative periodic video streams have been known to make headlines from time to time. Who will host tomorrow’s event? Will it be Reggie? Mr. Iwata? Ma’ boy Bill Trinen? I get goosebumps just thinking about it (sorry if that’s weird, Bill).

The confirmation of tomorrow’s stream came just this morning, with the company saying nothing more than the time and place: 8AM PT on Nintendo’s website, here. They also issued an extremely minimal comment, stating simply that “We will share new details on previously announced software for Nintendo 3DS launching through early 2014!”

Though unlikely to feature any major reveals, I’m  glad to see the 3DS hasn’t slid off of Nintendo’s mind. Despite maintaining a strong software lineup with the likes of Pokemon, Rune Factory 4, and others in recent times, affirmation that more Nintendo or Nintendo-endorsed software is on the way is always good news for owners of company’s hardware. Always.

Personally, I’m hoping the Direct will give us more details on the 3DS rendition of the newest Super Smash Bros. game – perhaps a release date? That may be wishful, but at the very least there should be some sort of event that triggers a quicker stream of new information between now and the game’s shipment date – or at least, quicker than the meagre info we’ve been getting thus far. The Dojo website for Brawl was way cooler! There’s still plenty of time to pick up the slack on that, though.

Bookmark this page for the link if you plan on tuning in to Nintendo Direct tomorrow, and who knows – maybe we’ll get a few surprises after all.