Rejoin The World Of Albion In Fable: The Journey

UPDATE: Peter Molyneux has since denied rumours that Fable: The Journey will be an on-rails game. The demo was, however.

When Peter Molyneux took the stage at Microsoft’s E3 press conference this morning, he confirmed the rumors about a new, in-development Fable title.

He revealed Fable: The Journey – an on-rails (well, horseback) shooter set in the world of Albion. Molyneux promised that it will “connect you to the world of Albion like never before,” using full motion Kinect controls for wielding and shooting magic. That’s not much of a surprise, considering its domain registration was discovered along with a few Kinect titles.

The game’s demo featured a young man riding on horseback. It showed the user holding the animal’s reigns while on the back of a horse cart, which he ended up abandoning to go on-foot. Engaging in conflict with an enemy, the user had to utilize specific hand gestures to wield and shoot magic at his foe, during the on-foot sequence, as well as an additional on-rails segment.

Microsoft sent out an official press release about the title, shortly after the announcement. It features a brief description of the game and can be read below:

“Set five years after the events of Fable III, Journey takes you on a magical journey with only your loyal horse at your reins, Theresa, the mysterious seer of Fable III, by your side, and a malevolent evil to defeat before it claims all of Albion.”

“With the power of Kinect for Xbox 360, craft and control magic in a way that can’t be done with a controller. Fable: The Journey draws players deep into the action and adventure of the Fable franchise like never before.”