Release Date, Incentives And Price Revealed For The Gunstringer

Originally announced as a downloadable Arcade Kinect title, The Gunstringer will now be coming out as a full retail release. We now know when that will occur and how much it’ll hurt our pocketbooks, as Microsoft has announced that the Twisted Pixel title will hit store shelves on September 13 in North America, Australia, New Zealand and Asia. Gamers in Europe, the Middle East and Africa will have to wait three extra days, until it’s available on the 16th in those territories. Its price will be a relatively affordable forty dollars.

Adding sweet incentive to the pot is the news that it will ship with free downloadable content and an added voucher to download Fruit Ninja Kinect, which itself is worth ten dollars. It has yet to be released, but is coming out next month as part of the Summer of Arcade program.

The downloadable content episode is called The Wavy Tube Man Chronicles. Here’s the official plot description:

In this add-on, Wavy Tube Man Jr. steals a time machine to prevent his father’s death at the hands of “The Gunstringer,” and it’s up to players to battle classic western cowboys and futuristic warriors to save the world from destruction.

If you pre-order through “select US and European retailers, you’ll receive two tokens for a free Avatar prop from the game.” That is, if you’re into that type of thing. It’s nice that they’re offering though.

The Gunstringer has been one of the most-anticipated titles for Microsoft’s fledgling motion peripheral since it was announced. Hopefully it’ll live up to the lofty hopes of those who can’t wait to play it. I’m personally not sure of what to expect, but I’m interested in giving it a shot.