Relive The Fear With An Updated Resident Evil VII Demo

The Resident Evil VII teaser ‒ subtitled Beginning Hour ‒ broke records this past June when it became the most downloaded demo on the PlayStation Store within one week of its release. That’s a lot of qualifiers, but as of this writing, fans have installed this eerie promo three million times and counting. I guess Capcom’s doing something right.

That “something right” also includes changes to the original demo. Revealed during yesterday’s Tokyo Game Show, the “Twilight” update ‒ as Capcom’s calling it ‒ will allow players to explore more of the desolate (though not deserted) mansion that they’re trapped in.

What secrets does the rest of the decrepit estate contain? Will players finally discover a use for the dummy finger? I’m certain we’ll find out when the Twilight demo goes live on the PS4 later today. You won’t even need a PlayStation Plus subscription to witness what people have been raving about.


Stranger still, the Resident Evil VII deluxe edition is getting an update, too. The deluxe bundle previously held a price of $79.99 (to reflect the inclusion of the main game and two post-launch story episodes), but Capcom confirmed that a third, additional episode would become available following Resident Evil VII’s release.

To account for that change, Capcom is increasing the deluxe edition’s value to $89.99 before tomorrow. Anybody that already purchased the digital version in North America will receive an upgrade at no extra cost, so you have a couple hours left to save some money.

As for other pre-order rewards, an in-game Survival Pack provides consumable healing items. Resident Evil VII won’t have microtransactions, though you’ll also gain early access to a difficult Madhouse mode and the mysterious Lucky Coin defense item.

None of those incentives prepared me for the new trailer, whose scenes depict a rotten dinner date with the Baker family and a short peek at the game’s first-person combat. Check out the latest screenshot gallery below, too, which teases a few of the weapons you’ll need to survive once Resident Evil VII arrives January 24, 2017 on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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