New Remember Me Screenshots To Jog Your Memory

Capcom has released a sizable asset dump for Dontnod Entertainment’s Remember Me, giving us several screenshots that show off the first two missions in the memory hunting game.

About half of these new assets are fairly similar to past Remember Me screenshots and gameplay footage that Capcom has released, so the gallery below may give you a bit of deja vu. With that said, they are worth browsing though because several of them show brand new environments and characters.

In one set of screenshots we see what appears to be another female memory hunter with short blond hair holding a knife to Nilin’s throat. Later in the set this same woman is in one of the game’s memory sequences where she appears to be manipulating a doctor’s memory and has the option to untie a patients anaesthetic mask.

The second thing to note in these new screenshots come from the set showing a new darker environment than what we have seen of Neo-Paris so far. All the screens in this set show Nilin dressed in a white body suit, and it appears that she could be in some underground section of the city. Wherever she is, the environment appears to be home to a group of mutated human characters with elongated limbs and fingers. Who these new characters are is unclear, but they certainly look much different from anything that we have seen in Remember Me up to this point.

I’m still not sure what to expect from Remember Me. There are several aspects about the story and gameplay that have caught my attention (not to mention the memory hacking sections, which have the potential to be incredibly fun to play around with), however, ever since the “Kid Xmas” boss trailer I can’t shake the feeling that the overall game will end up being a disappointment.

Remember Me is set to launch in May 2013 for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC. Check out the new screenshots below and let us know what you think in the comments.