Report: Battlefield 1 Alpha Leaks Reveal Maps, Game Modes And Campaign Details

For a closed alpha designed to stress test the gameplay systems of DICE’s WWI shooter, there has been a steady stream of Battlefield 1 tidbits coming out of the testing ever since it went live. Now, it appears one Reddit user has unearthed the motherload.

Fair warning: Battlefield 1 has officially been data-mined, meaning all – and we do mean all – pertinent details relating to the period shooter are now online in some form. So, if you’re wanting to retain at least some sense of mystery going into the game’s October release, avert your eyes.

Keep in mind that these details remain unconfirmed at the time of writing, but Reddit user Lobix suggests that the single-player campaign will comprise seven episodes in total – including both a prologue and an epilogue.

Multiplayer-wise, Battlefield 1 looks set to launch with 10 multiplayer maps and seven game modes, with the latter including a mixture of old-school modes (Rush and Conquest) and newbies (Possession and Breakthrough). The leak also claims that BF1 will tout an arsenal of 30 weapons divided across standard weaponry, “behemoth weapons,” and “cavalry weapons.”

Here’s an overview of the arenas, based on the leak:


Battlefield 1 will march onto PS4, Xbox One and PC on October 21. If you’re missed out on the chance to partake in that closed alpha, keep your peepers peeled for an announcement relating to the imminent BF1 beta.

Source: Reddit