New Resident Evil 2 Achievement Hints At Resident Evil 3-Themed DLC


A few weeks back, if you recall, Resident Evil 2 fans discovered that the remake’s Steam directory – the database that logs any official changes  – had received an update.

Naturally, many suspected the change was a result of Capcom laying the foundation for upcoming new content, suspicions strengthened by the addition of a single new achievement. Frustratingly at the time, the trophy’s name and description remained hidden from public view, making its purpose and conditions for unlocking a complete mystery. There’s been little to no movement since then. Until recently, that is.

In lieu of Capcom’s official announcement of a Resident Evil 3 remake yesterday, the achievement in question has been revealed and, most excitingly of all, appears to be hinting at a future update to the game. We’re sure, by now, that you’ve pieced two and two together and sussed out what this potential DLC entails, but check out the image below, just in case.

Admittedly, the teaser is incredibly vague, to the extent that it’s impossible to tell just how extensive this particular content drop is going to be. Worst case scenario, the letter in question could simply be a neat little Easter egg added to the existing game as a means of tying the narrative of both remakes together. Best case? This could be an unlock tied to full-fledged DLC meant to tide fans over until Resident Evil 3 arrives next year.

One possible – and actually quite likely – outcome is a new bite-sized story scenario involving Brad. The S.T.A.R.S. member could be found, zombified, underneath the RCPD in Resident Evil 2‘s original release, having been killed by Nemesis. The character is entirely absent in this year’s remake, of course, but could that be about to change? Boy, we hope so.

Whatever the outcome, we’ll let you know as and when Capcom makes any further announcements, so stay tuned.