Resident Evil 2 May Be Getting Some New DLC


We might be creeping up on the one-year anniversary of Resident Evil 2‘s release, but it seems Capcom might still have plans to update its beloved survival horror title.

The critically acclaimed remake, tipped for Game of the Year recognition, is widely considered to be some of the developer’s finest work ever, not just for modernizing a classic, but reinvigorating the genre it helped create. Indeed, such is the quality of Leon and Claire’s redux tale of escape from Raccoon City that fans have been requesting that Capcom give similar treatment to original sequel Resident Evil 3: Nemesis.

With the recent announcement of spinoff Project Resistance, it seems such an eventuality is still a ways off, though Resi lovers could soon have other avenues available to help pass the time between releases.

Following a recent update to the Steam version of Resident Evil 2, eagle-eyed users have spotted the addition of a brand new achievement. Currently, the accolade in question appears to be little more than a placeholder labelled “EN_Name.” Check it out below.

Said suspicions are supported by the achievement’s image, too, which, when translated from what looks to be Kanji text, roughly reads ‘placeholder.’ Furthermore, fans have noted that additional branches in the game’s Steam database – usually used for internal testing on private builds of a game – have been added, further fueling hopes that new content is on the way.

We’ll ultimately have to wait and see if today’s developments lead anywhere, but there’s a very real chance that Capcom intends to celebrate the title’s upcoming first birthday either with further DLC or, perhaps the more likely scenario, some form of a re-release.

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