This Resident Evil 2 Mr. X Sculpture Is Both Terrifying And Beautiful


Anyone who’s played the remake of Resident Evil 2 by now has surely had more than a few close encounters with Mr. X. And even if you haven’t, any survival horror fan with a Facebook account will likely have seen countless videos showcasing other peoples’ run-ins with the sharply dressed Tyrant.

Depending on which character you play as, your experience with Mr. X will be a bit different. If you’re Leon Kennedy, for instance, then the villain hounds you off and on for the entire game, while also serving as the final boss (or second to last, if we’re talking about the 2nd Run). If you pick Claire Redfield, meanwhile, he’s killed by the William Birkin creature during a cutscene around the halfway point.

In any case, he’s a rather terrifying foe to deal with, but in sculpture form, Mr. X takes on a sense of beauty, as evidenced by the gallery below. Though it hasn’t been painted yet, this work of art is truly something to be appreciated, with an incredible sense of detail bringing the character to life. And while it’s certainly an impressive piece of work, we’re not sure we’d want it sitting in our house. Or at the very least, in our room.

It’s clear from this sculpture that Mr. X continues to find himself as an unexpected pop culture sensation, which is no doubt thanks to all those incredibly hilarious and memorable memes, along with the terrific mod support from the PC community. From the epic X Gon’ Give It To Ya, to the weirdly sexy thong mod, to one that literally turns Mr. X into Thomas The Tank Engine (we kid you not), it almost feels like the Tyrant is the blood-soaked gift that keeps on giving.

That said, if you do happen to run into him in Resident Evil 2 – and you will – we suggest you haul ass to the nearest save room or an area that he can’t enter. After all, unless you’re doing a speedrun of some sort, there’s nothing wrong with waiting a few minutes before it’s (relatively) safe to continue on.

Source: Instagram