Resident Evil 3 Remake Has Some Awesome RE2 Easter Eggs

Resident Evil

Owing to the fact that Resident Evil 3 remake takes place in the very same zombie-infested locale as that featured in its predecessor, it’s without the slightest surprise that Capcom has taken advantage of the overlap with references and Easter eggs aplenty.

The majority of Jill Valentine’s Raccoon City nightmare might take place in the streets surrounding the famous RCPD building but it goes without saying that you’ll be stopping by to visit the precinct for a short time. Unlike the 1999 original, however, it’s UBCS mercenary Carlos Oliveira, not Jill, who’ll be making the danger-fraught journey in an effort to rescue one of their own from the jaws of certain death.

You won’t be able to explore the entire police department this time around, of course, though the main hall is open for business and exactly as you remember it. Well almost, anyway.

As shown below, the security lockdown eventually lifted by Leon or Claire is still in full effect due to this particular visit taking place prior to the events of Resident Evil 2, with Carlos spouting a number of foreboding lines of dialogue in a direct nod to future events.

Taking note of the “Keep out” sign hastily scrawled on the shutters, he remarks “You want me to keep out? I’ll keep out,” before making taking a tongue-in-cheek jab at the station’s maze-like interior. Likewise, he bellows “Here’s a weird f**king door!” when encountering one of the locked Spade Key doors leading into the building’s west wing. A small but charming addition, and one that helps to maintain continuity between both games.

Resident Evil 3 is out now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC and is stuffed with all sorts of secrets. For our guide on where to find the red, blue and green gems or how to beat the first Nemesis encounter, head through the respective links.